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The purpose of Floras Explorer is to allow botanists, land managers, and those interested in biodiversity to access the bibliography of the Floras of North America Project. Potential uses could include determining whether a flora for a given region has already been written, downloading a reference list for a state or province, assessing spatial patterns of botanical exploration, finding historical references, etc. There is a capability for downloading basic geographic information for sites in question, as well as summary statistics for vascular plant diversity (an important caveat for use of the data, however, is that the nomenclatural source and synonymy vary among floras, but this is unlikely to make a large difference in total taxonomic counts). The Floras Explorer currently contains about 85% of the floras we know about that have been written for North America north of Mexico. Some of the remaining are currently being processed for data. However, we have been unable to find complete copies of many references - and it is possible that no extant copy exists of some of them.

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